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Golden State Kickball

Home of Oakland's newest Adult Kickball Organization. Featuring lots of new players, updated rules, food vendors, live entertainment and more. This league was put together by long-time veterans to freshen up the game they love and provide a grand experience that all locals can enjoy. It's about more than just kicking balls. We've made weekday nights fun for everyone!!


We want to keep in touch with you across all of our media channels. Come by and visit.


Check the scores and standings of all your favorite GSK teams.


Party with some of the biggest kickballers in the country. Both at the field and at McNally's Irish Pub.


Sign up and increase the quality of your evenings. The party starts early and we want you to be part of it.

The Kickers Box

Things in Golden State Kickball move pretty quickly. Drop by here for all the latest developments.

OAK – Spring 2017 – Week 4 – Game of the Week

It was a beautiful night at Mosswood Park in week 4 of the spring 2017 season of Golden State Kickball. On this night, blowouts and lopsided victories were the theme.  This was a strange week as there was only one game was a game actually worth writing about as it was the only contest that

Apr 04, 2017 Admin

OAK – Fall 2016 – Week 9 Recap

After a rainout of the 8pm games in Week 8, teams were ready for the last full week of kickball trying to get the best seed possible. On a cool and calm night at Mosswood Park, kickballers were also amped for the basketball game near by and nachos at McNally’s post-game. More importantly, there was

Nov 07, 2016 Admin

OAK – Fall 2016 – Week 7 Recap

With muddled standings during the Fall 2016 – Oakland league, teams are trying to get the best seed and best match-up possible for the playoffs. With only two weeks to go after Thursday’s games, teams are buckling down and getting every crucial point they can. The ball was once again flying at Mosswood Park in

Oct 24, 2016 Admin

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